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Approach Shots Coming Up Short

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Approach Shots Coming Up Short

I am in Orlando at the PGA show this week and I write this issue as I sit in my hotel room, exhausted after what feels like walking 30 miles today! This is my first time to the PGA show and it has been an awesome experience so far - especially seeing I was able to meet my two podcast co-hosts in person for the first time (Mark Crossfield and Greg Chalmers).

Enough on that - let’s get to today’s topic before I fall asleep at the keyboard! I have talked before about coming up short with irons. But how often does this happen? What does the “north/south” distribution look like from different distances across skill levels?

Off to the Arccos Database we go! (Use code DATALOU15 to save 15% on Arccos). If you have not checked out the just released Link-Pro, it is fantastic!

All of these shots are from the fairway. The first chart below is from 100 yards. You can see for scratch players that 41% of their shots from 100 yards in the fairway finish between 1 and 9 yards short of the hole.

There are five charts below. From 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 yards. All shots from the fairway. The distance to the hole is in the upper right corner of the chart.

My Thoughts

I am guessing many of you will be surprised by the numbers above! I am sure you already inductively knew this, but hitting the ball solid is such a key part of becoming a better golfer. When you look at the higher handicap players, especially as we get farther from the hole, the percent of shots they leave short is SIGNIFICANT.

Improving your strike is paramount if you want to improve that index. Use the charts above as guidelines to help you understand where you are with this skill.

I am off to bed, another LONG day at the show tomorrow!

See you next week!


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