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Fairway vs Rough

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Fairway vs Rough

A common question that I get goes something like this:

“My tee shot ended up in the fairway, 150 yards from the hole. If I missed the fairway and the ball was in the rough, how much farther would I need to hit it so that I would average the same number of shots to hole out from the rough as I would from 150 yards in the fairway?”

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My Thoughts

Remember, these numbers are across “typical” conditions. If they keep the rough at your course US Open length and thickness, these numbers will be a bit different, but this should give you a good baseline.

Our old rule of “hit the ball as far as YOU can making sure to take into account penalty strokes and other hazards” still applies. If you are worried about hitting more fairways, no need. Any tee shot that gives you a reasonable chance to hit a green in regulation is a good tee shot, even if it’s in the rough!

Finally, for higher handicap players notice that as we get farther from the hole, the scoring difference between the fairway and rough basically disappears.

See you next week!


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