Lou Stagner's Newsletter #23

How Often Should You Hit The Green?

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How Often Should You Hit The Green?

Without a doubt, the most common question I get looks something like this:

  • How often should I hit the green from “here”?

Of all the traditional golf stats, the one that is most valuable is greens in regulation per round. There is a very strong relationship between your handicap and how many greens you hit. I encourage golfers to pay attention to how often they are hitting the green.

The numbers below from the Arccos Golf database are the chances of hitting the green from a given yardage.

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The Data

My Thoughts

Please note that the data above is from all shots across all situations. These numbers will be impacted by many things including, green size, wind strength, wind direction, elevation change, green firmness, hole location, quality of lie, etc…

Even though there are factors that will impact these numbers, the ones above are a great baseline. They should also help you to set reasonable expectations on your outcomes.

Should you try to hit every green from 100 yards? Absolutely. Will you? Nobody does. If you vary wildly from these numbers, you can use that to help identify areas of your approach play that might need some work. In a perfect world you are also using strokes gained to guide that understanding!


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