Lou Stagner's Newsletter #49

More Greens Equals Lower Scores

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More Greens Equals Lower Scores

This is a topic I have discussed often. That said, It’s still always jarring to see the charts below. The chart on the left shows the average score by the number of greens hit. The chart on the right shows the average score by the number of fairways hit.

Are you seeing what REALLY moves the needle when it comes to scoring? (hint, it’s not more fairways)

All of this comes from the millions of rounds in the Arccos Golf database (use code DATALOU15 to save 15%).

My Thoughts

I am guessing the charts above are eye opening. Hitting more greens is absolutely your ticket to lower scores. How often you hit the fairway makes very little difference. What does matter off the tee is simply keeping it in play.

Go take one more look at the charts above and let that sink in. More greens will equal lower scores! Make hitting greens a priority!

See you next week!


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