Lou Stagner's Newsletter #62

150 Yards In The Wind

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Today is some useless US Open trivia.

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What was the scoring average for the entire field at the 1924 US Open?

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Shots In The Wind

Hope you enjoyed the first round of the US Open. We are going to keep this one short and sweet as there is a lot of golf to watch this week!

How much harder is into the wind vs downwind? The data below is for a 10 index player from 150 yards in the fairway. The wind speed is between 12mph and 16mph.

Helping wind: 48%
Hurting wind: 28%

Helping wind: ~68% of shots will be in an area that is ~25 yards wide
Hurting wind:~68% of shots will be in an area that is ~33 yards wide

The data above is from the Arccos Golf database. (Use code DATALOU15 to save 15%)

My Thoughts

As you already know, into the wind gets a lot harder. Our shot patterns get noticeably larger. Which means we hit less greens.

Work on your knockdown shot. My favorite drill for this is the "two clubs less" drill.

I will take my 8 iron, and practice hitting it the same distance as my pitching wedge. The 7 iron same distance as a 9 iron. 6 iron like an 8. etc...

Keeping the ball lower and reducing spin will help you play those more difficult into the wind shots.

Enjoy the rest of the US Open!

See you next week!


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Lou Stagner