Lou Stagner's Newsletter #55

Minimum Driver Distance to Improve?

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What percent of the time will it take a scratch player four or more shots to get the ball in the hole from 110 to 119 yards in the fairway?

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Minimum Driver Distance to Improve?

When looking at driver distance, we are often just thinking of it terms of how far does the typical player at a given handicap index hit the ball?

What does it look like when you get granular? When you look at all players across a given handicap index?

The table below shows percentile distances for each handicap index. If you look at the 0 index players, the 20th percentile distance is 238 yards. This means that 20% of scratch players hit the ball shorter than 238 yards, and 80% of scratch players hit the ball longer than 238 yards.

The table below is from the Arccos Golf database. Which will soon pass ONE BILLION shots! Yes, Billion with a B. (Use code DATALOU15 to save 15%)

My Thoughts

Distance has always been, and will always be, important. If you want to get better at golf, adding distance will help.

If you want to lower your handicap index, is there a minimum distance you should aim for? Let’s say you are a 15 index that wants to get down to a five. Can you hit your driver 220 yards and still be a five index? You can, but it’s tough. You would have to be VERY good at every other part of your game.

Getting to at least the 40th percentile distance for your target handicap index would be a great goal. That would reduce pressure on other parts of your game!

I’ve been adding speed using the Stack System (Use code GOLFSALE to save 10%). If you have never tried speed training, I highly recommend it!

See you next week!


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