Lou Stagner's Newsletter #25

My Favorite Putting Game

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The Best Short Putting Game Ever

Today’s newsletter is a bit different. It is a video of me walking you through my favorite putting game. The audio is OK, but if I do more of these, I will definitely get a quality mic, and film this in a higher quality format.

You can purchase the stickers I mention in the video here.

Game Summary

  • A “made” putt completely covers the sticker and finishes between 6 and 18 inches past the sticker.

  • You get a maximum of 5 putts from each distance.

    • 1st putt is for eagle

    • 2nd putt for bird

    • 3rd for par

    • 4th for bogey

    • 5th for double bogey

  • Your first “hole” is from three feet. Your last hole is from 10 feet.

  • As soon as you “make” a putt, you mark your score for that “hole” and move back one foot.

  • If you miss all five putts, you score a triple bogey on that hole and move back one foot to the next hole.

  • If you leave a putt short, after you finish that hole, add a 2-stroke penalty to your score for each putt you left short.

Good luck with this game. If you spend time on this game every day, your short putting WILL improve.

You can play this game indoors or outdoors, so if you will soon be stuck inside all winter, get yourself a good putting mat and put this game into your practice rotation!


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