Lou Stagner's Newsletter #53

Par Four Double Bogeys

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5 index players average 1.2 birdies per round. How many double bogeys (or worse) per round do they average?

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Par Four Double Bogeys

You are on a par four.

Your drive has ended up in the fairway.

What are your chances of making double or worse?

In the table below, the chances of making double or worse are broken down by handicap index and yards to the hole.

All of this data is from Arccos Golf (Use code DATALOU15 to save 15%)

My Thoughts

Look at the difference between scratch players and higher index players. The difference is HUGE. Scratch players are not scratch because of their ability to make a lot of birdies. They are scratch because of their ability to AVOID big numbers.

From 150 yards, a 20 index is ten times more likely to make a double or worse than a scratch player is. Making solid contact and advancing the ball somewhere around the green is a great first step to avoiding a double or worse. You don’t need to hit perfect shots. That is not the key to avoiding big numbers and improving your scores.

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