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Performance by Hole Handicap

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Performance by Hole Handicap

I was having a chat with a friend recently about hole handicaps. I started to wonder how golfers perform if we looked at it by hole handicap.

Does the hardest ranked hole on the course typically play the hardest?

Off to the Arccos database we go! 😄 

The table below shows the average score in relation to par. For example, scratch players average 0.35 strokes over par on the number one handicap hole (AKA the hardest hole on the scorecard).

This next table shows a break down by par 3s, par 4s and par 5s. For this one I also grouped holes together (6 toughest holes, 6 easiest, and 6 middle).

My Thoughts

The tables above are very interesting.

  • For all skill levels the number one handicap hole plays the toughest.

  • For scratch players, par 3s have a much higher scoring average (in relation to par) than par 5s.

    • As handicap increases, this starts to shift, and eventually par 5s have a higher scoring average (in relation to par) than par 3s.

I’d honestly have more thoughts on this but it is 10:58pm on Thanksgiving night and I am hopped up on turkey and pumpkin pie and ready for bed after a long day!

For those that celebrated Thanksgiving this week, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

See you next week! 😄 


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