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Short Game Benchmarks

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Short Game Benchmarks

I had a question from my good friend Dr. Brandon Horvath about the short game. He wanted to know what benchmarks he should use when practicing shots around the green.

This required a DEEP DIVE into the Arccos database, which is creeping up on 800 MILLION total shots! (pssstt… Arccos has a huge sale going on right now).

The chart below is median proximity (in feet) from the rough. This is across ALL shots, and is a great representation of performance in “typical” rough. If your rough is a lot longer/shorter, these numbers will shift a bit.

My Thoughts

Whatever your handicap index is, pick the index above that is just better than yours, and try to get as many balls as you can inside the median proximity.

Please make sure you are dropping balls into RANDOM lies. Do not roll each ball to create a good lie. Take and handful of balls, throw them over your shoulder, and play from whatever lie you get.

I like to play this game with 6 balls and alternate shots across three different holes.

Keep a small notebook in your bag and track how you are performing. Once you can regularly get 70% (seventy percent) of your shots inside the proximity you are benchmarking against, move up to the next handicap level.

Once you are benchmarking yourself against scratch, try to get as many balls as you can inside the median proximity.

If you spend time on this, your short game will improve significantly. Guaranteed.


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