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Shots In Play With Driver

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How often will a scratch player miss the green from 80 yards in the fairway?

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Well, it’s been quite a week in the golf world! Let’s get back to some good old fashioned nerdy golf stats!

Knowing how much room you need for your driver is an important piece of info. Being able to pick optimal targets based on YOUR dispersion will help you lower scores.

The very first thing that I do when working with a new player is go through an exercise to baseline how big their dispersion is. In the near future, I have a class coming out that will teach you this process and how I apply it. Stay tuned!

Today we are going to look at how often players keep the ball within 30 yards of the center of the fairway. It doesn’t matter if they miss left or right, as long as the ball is within 30 yards of the center of the fairway.

Off to the Arccos database we go! (Arccos has a huge holiday sale going on plus use code DATALOU15 to save 15%).

In order to qualify, a player needed to have at least 250 shots with driver in a calendar year.

The table below shows the percent of golfers that keep their driver within 30 yards of the center of the fairway.

How to read the table:
For example… look at the top row, the column labeled “75% to 79%”. This is saying that:

  • 18% of 0 to 5 handicap players…

  • keep 75% to 79% of their drives…

  • within 30 yards of the center of the fairway…

My Thoughts

Please note that the numbers above are in relation the center of the fairway. Even though I do not know the intended target, these numbers are directionally correct and will give you a good understanding and a great target to shoot for.

I know I say this all the time, but keeping the ball in play is key to low scores! Get the ball out there as far as you can, in as small a window as you can!

See you next week!


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Lou Stagner