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Strokes Gained From Rough

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Strokes Gained From The Rough

I had a reader, Aaron W., reach out to me a few weeks ago about shots from the rough. Aaron wanted more info on what a good shot from the rough looked like.

The chart below shows how many strokes you will gain (or lose) based on where the ball finishes on the green.

Yards to the hole is down the left side. The top row is proximity to the hole in feet (how close did they hit it). This chart is for a five index player. And remember, these strokes gained numbers are only for shots that finished on the green.

For example, from 50 yards in the rough, if the player hits it to 10 feet, their strokes gained on the approach shot is 0.28 strokes.

NOTE: These numbers are for “typical” rough. If the rough you are playing out of is a little shorter, or a little longer, these numbers would be a little different.

My Thoughts

As you can see, there are MANY situations where just hitting the green from the rough is going to gain strokes!

Bookmark this chart and let it serve as guideposts for your shots from the rough.

To those that celebrate Christmas, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone!

See you next week!


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