Lou Stagner's Newsletter #57

What is a good shot?

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What is a good shot?

In today's issue, we are going to look at what it means to hit a good shot. Failing to understand what a quality shot is, for your skill level, is a problem many golfers have. Understanding this is an important part of effectively managing your expectations.

Through the years I have watched hundreds (if not thousands) of golfers get mad after a good shot. They thought they hit a bad/mediocre shot. They had no idea they hit a good shot (for their skill level).

These reactions are a slippery slope. They make us angry, frustrated, annoyed, lost, confused, etc… Trying to play good golf while in this mental state is not going to end well.

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This topic was actually my very first newsletter I sent a year and a half ago. I am repeating this because I get so many questions asking me what a good shot is. The newsletter audience is more than 25 times larger now than it was for that first issue. While I am repeating this content, there are SO MANY that have not seen this info, and it’s important.

To those that have seen it, apologies for sending the same content again - but I don’t feel that bad as it is a GREAT reminder!

Let’s define good:
This is simple. I am defining a "good" shot as one that gains at least 0.00 strokes.

The value in each column is how close you need to hit the ball (from that distance) to gain 0.00 shots.

The first set of tables is for shots from the fairway. Keep scrolling for shots from the rough.


My Thoughts

Having realistic expectations (for your skill level) can help you enjoy the game more AND shoot better scores. Pat yourself on the back next time you hit a “good” shot!

See you next week!


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