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Three Putt Percent

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How Often Should You Three Putt?

One of the most common questions I get looks something like this:

  • "It feels like I am three putting from the 30 foot range more than I should be. How often should I three putt from that distance?"

I have asked readers to give feedback on the things they would like to see in the newsletter. The number one request is “please give charts broken down by handicap for ‘this’ stat”.

Last week I covered the chances of hitting the green. Today’s topic on three putting is one that I get a lot of questions about. I will keep working my way through several different stats so you can have a reference library of performance by skill level across all parts of the game.

The numbers below from the Arccos Golf database are the chances of three putting from a given distance by handicap index.

Side note: Arccos just announced that the PGA Tour headlined a strategic fundraising round and that Arccos is now “The Official Game Tracker of the PGA Tour”. Arccos is running a HUGE SALE to celebrate. Check it out here.

My Thoughts

Please note that the data above is across all situations. These numbers will be impacted by many things including stimp of green, smoothness of green, difficulty level of putt, etc…

While three putt percent is “sort of useful”, you really should be using strokes gained to understand how well you are (or are not) putting!

Even though there are factors that impact these numbers, the chart above is a great baseline. It should help you set reasonable expectations. It is also a great guideline for putting practice games.


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